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Viagra 3x pill

Featuring Our New VasoDynamic Expansion Delivery SystemTM not only works faster, but it also lasts longer.

You are guaranteed to have the Biggest, Most Powerful Erections of your life with the New ViagraTM 3x, or you get all your money back!

That's how confident we are that the new ViagraTM 3x, made in the Viatris ViagraTM Laboratory in Provence, France, will give you the Greatest erections of your life, or you don't pay a dime.

Dr. Dudley Danoff badges Dr. Dudley Danoff badges
Dr. Dudley Danoff

“This New ViagraTM 3X is an Absolute SENSATION! Best ED Pill Ever. My patients are raving about it. My arm is getting tired I'm writing so many prescriptions!”

America's #1 Rated Urologist Dr. Dudley Danoff President Tower Urology / Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Beverly Hills
Explosive new pill
Bigger harder faster last longer
New sensation click here!
Viagra 3x pill
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click to turn on sound video - Dr. Dudley Danoff: this stuff is gold
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absorption rate test... tells all!!!

See How We Crush All The Others!

Absorption rate graphic showing how Viagra 3x rapid vasodynamic expansion delivery system is activated

Pill Digestion In The Human Body

See why Viagra 3x is a blockbuster. This video shows how it compares to generic Viagra pills and the original Viagra when it comes to potency, power and delivery system.

Cheap generics break apart in under 20 seconds making them weak and basically worthless. Viagra gets down past your large intestine and down to the upper part of your small intestine. It dissolves in about 1:30, while Viagra 3x stays intact even longer - dissolving in about 2:30 down at the lower part of your small intestine. Therefore it is extremely powerful with the pills ingredients hitting your penis with tremendous power.

Plus the video shows how the new Viagra 3x vasodynamic transportation system allows you to get bigger and harder erections. It's worth a quick watch.

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#1 E.D. Pill in the world

100% Iron-Clad 120 Day Money-Back Guarantee:

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Our "NO BULL" Guarantee states - if you aren't absolutely thrilled with the results you get with ANY pill you get from ScoreBlue, simply return your bottle, and we will cheerfully give you all your money back - every single penny - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

So while it's the strongest guarantee there is - it's a guarantee you are never going to use, because you will be too happy with the results you get with our REAL pills. You will be too happy to be back in the saddle hitting home runs again like it's your honeymoon! You are going to be feeling too great to ask for your money back - you're going to want MORE pills - that's how incredible ScoreBlue is, and that's your REAL guarantee. But again, if for any reason at all you are not 100% happy - we will cheerfully give you all your money back, no questions asked.

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Meet Our Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Dudley Danoff
Cedars-Sinai Tower of Urology Princeton University Yale University School of Medicine

Dudley Danoff, M.D., F.A.C.S. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Tower Urology
Yale School of Medicine

Dr. Dudley Danoff

Dudley Danoff, M.D., F.A.C.S. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Tower Urology
Yale School of Medicine

Cedars-Sinai Tower of Urology Princeton University Yale University School of Medicine
A telemedicine company is only as strong as its Chief Medical OFFICER

All the flashy ads, claims and promises don't mean a thing. What really matters is the medical team. Our Chief Medical Officer is Dr. Dudley Danoff, who is widely considered America's top urologist. Your health is our number one concern, and having Dr. Danoff heading up our medical team means you are getting the best care possible.

He is referred to as the "urologist-to-the-stars" because of his many famous patients who have publicly praised him - Frank Sinatra, Gregory Peck, Johnny Carson, Johnny Mathis, Bill Maher to world-famous chef Wolfgang Puck and many other big name celebrities.

Frequently Asked Questions
The Secret to why new Viagra 3X has become an overnight sensation, is because of our new, explosive, one-of-a-kind Delivery System and new technology and new Delivery Agents within this cutting edge system that scientists at Viagra have been testing and perfecting for years.

Our new Delivery System is called VasoDynamic Rapid Expansion Delivery System.

This makes three very important things possible:

First, our famous Diamond-shaped tablet now goes further down in your system and delivering the bulk of the payload far down in your small intestine- closer to your penis. This allows it to act fast - with some men reporting it working in as little at 11 minutes flat!

Second, our Rapid Expansion component of our VasoDynamic Delivery System almost immediately saturates the two chambers of your penis with a tidal wave of nitric oxide, which creates tremendous blood flow. This gives you a much firmer and bigger erection than even our original Viagra could. This is due to the fact that new Viagra3X scored a 98% “Saturation Score”. This indicated what percentage of the penis it is able to reach.

Original Viagra, as great as it is, was only able to his a “Saturation Score” of 71%. That is still tremendous, but it can't match the penetration and saturation of Viagra 3X.

More saturation means harder and bigger erections.

Third benefit of our new Delivery System is the “recycle factors”. These non-active agents keep the Nitric Oxide in the two chambers of your penis longer. This is why some men happily report new Viagra 3X lasts up to 14 hours.
It's simple. The “Saturation Score” of new Viagra 3X is a record-breaking 98%. That means up to 98 % of the two chambers of your penis that control your erection size and hardness are almost at 100% capacity. This has never been done before.

What this means is virtually every part of your penis will engorge the maximum capacity …. And in minimum time.

In other words, in the past most men were only using 70 % to 80% of the potential hardness and size factors he may have had as a 21-year-old. Now, the playing field has been leveled with our VasoDynamic technology that hits up your 98% of your penis. Your erection has no choice but to get Bigger and Harder than it has ever been - ever!
Counterfeit E.D. medications are everywhere. You would be shocked to learn that some of the biggest websites in the world - names you probably know - have been caught selling fake and counterfeit E.D. medications. But you never have to worry about that here. Dr. Danoff absolutely insists on the best medications - no exception. You will never, ever get any medication from us that is not 100% the best. Our Sildenafil, Generic Viagra and Viagra are ALL made by Viatris' and their in-house generic subsidiary. All our Tadalafil and Cialis medications come directly from Eli Lilly or their appointed and authorized generic partners.
It is very simple and very fast. You just enter your information and answer 15 simple questions. You select the medication you would like to get. Then a member of our medical team, will review your responses to the questions and determine if you will be prescribed the medication. You will be notified via text message to your cell phone. The entire process is completed within 24 hours - often in less than a few hours, depending upon what time and day of the week you complete your online questionnaire. Once approved - your medication ships out to you the same day in a plain, unmarked, padded envelope.
No photo ID is required here. We know how much you value your privacy, so we teamed up with the world's leading ID technology company and we were able to eliminate the need for you to go through the hassle and uncertainty of sending your photo ID over the internet. So relax, no one will ever see your driver's license thanks to our investment in this technology - the same one used by the world's leading financial institutions.
Zero. There are no tricks here with hidden doctors fees like the other companies. Your visit is 100% free - imagine how much you save by not having to make an in-person appointment with your urologist!
We put our money into customer satisfaction and our medical team - not in silly TV ads. As a result, we are able to keep our costs low, and we pass the savings on to you. The best medications at the best price- Dr. Danoff would not have it any other way.
No. It is completely private. It's an unmarked padded envelope. Your mailman will never know what is inside.
Everyone's medical situation is different. However, as a general rule E.D. medications are extremely safe. The primary reasons our medical team would turn someone down for a prescription are because of one of two things: high blood pressure or if you are taking any nitrates.
Your blood pressure is an important part of determining whether it's safe for you to take E.D. medication. It can be dangerous to take E.D. medication if your blood pressure is above or below a certain value.

To complete a comprehensive medical history during your online visit, you need to enter your most recent blood pressure reading within the last 6 months. If you haven't had your blood pressure taken within the last 6 months, you can get a free blood pressure reading at thousands of locations across the country.
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